PLANS: easel base



Below are plans for the simple, yet functional easel base.
fig. 1: side angle fig. 2: front angle

fig. 3: front/top/side angle (measurements)

The base is very simple to build. Its side pieces are 3' each and attached in a tall orientation. Its front and back are 3' 3 1/8" each in a laid-down orientation. The extra length on the front and back is so that the distance between the two side pieces is large enough to accomodate the 3'-wide frame in addition to a bit of wiggle room for a couple washers. Notches are cut into each side piece to accomodate the flat front/back pieces (see side view). One hole is drilled on each side piece, 8 inches back from the front of the base. This hole will accept a 1/2" x 4" hex bolt w/ washers to bolt the main support to the base. By using a bolt here, the main support's angle is adjustable (and secured with the back-side slot setup--more later).

Not much more to it than that for the base. The locking casters will attach to the bottom of this piece, but I put those on last. Not sure if that made the most sense, but I didn't want the thing rolling around while I was trying to put it together. For the casters, I used 2 1/2" tall locking casters and some wood screws to screw them directly into the base on each corner. You need to make sure they are close enough to the corners so that you can get at the locks with your feet. In hindsight, larger casters might have been a better choice.

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