Over the last several years, I've had plenty of questions about the design, suggestions for improvement, etc. I've tried to list the most common questions below. The categories are modifications, clarifications and general questions.


Q. Do you have plans for a smaller easel?

I don't have anything specific. However, you could easily modify my plans to be shorter and narrower with some simple adjustments. If you only need to reduce the size by a little bit, cut the center support piece of the main supports down to the same length as the main supports. If that isn't enough, remove some of the length from the top of the main supports--you can safely and easily remove length all the way down to the middle crossmember. This allows you to cut about 25" off the total height, and still maintain the ability to secure huge paintings.

Others have asked about making it much smaller. You could modifiy the design to accept smaller diameter lumber (i.e smaller than 2x4's). If I had a complete woodworking shop I might have done this myself--the motivation for 2x4's was to make it simple, inexpensive and easy. If you do decide to use smaller diameter lumber, please keep in mind that you will have to adjust nearly all of the dimensions in the measured diagrams.

Q. Can your plan be modified to work as a wall-mount easel?

This modification would be relatively easy, and simpler and less expensive than building the whole thing. Don't build the base or rear supports. Instead of attaching the bottom of the main support to the base, attach it to some 2x4 studs mounted to the wall (sticking out from the wall enough to clear the rear of the easel shelf). Do something similar at the point where the rear supports meet the upper cross-member.

Q. Have you ever modified the plans to work for watercolor (i.e. flat)?

I haven't. However, you could cut the main support in half and add hinges halfway up, allowing you to adjust the top of the main support into a horizontal position. Haven't tried it, but it might work.

Q. Could I use a different wood, i.e. oak, birch, poplar, maple, etc.?

Of course. Don't let me restrict your choices. I specify pine 2x4's because they are cheap and readily available. A nice hardwood is undoubtedly a good choice of material. However, that said, I will say that my pine easels have held up just fine for years.

Q. Are there any other modifications I should know about?

Plenty, and they are all listed on the gallery page as they are modifications by others who have built an easel from my design. I encourage you to check out that page for more mods.



Q. Will the easel support go straight up and down (i.e. for pastel work)?

No problem on the straight up and down. It will do that. Mine will even
adjust a bit forward of 90 degress. This is dependent on the exact
placement of the lag screws in the top rear supports and the length and
position of the slot in the bottom rear supports (all adjustable to your needs).

Q. What is the total height of the easel?

The total height of the easel as listed in the plans is 7'5" when the main support is perpendicular to the base.


General Questions

Q. Do you have a metric version of the plans?

Unfortunately I don't have the measurements in metric. However, perhaps
you could use an online converter, such as:


to ease things for you? Unfortunately, as an American that grew up in the
only civilized country to hang onto our archaic measurement system, it's
what I am most familiar and comfortable with. If anyone wants to modify the plans with metric measurements and send them to me, I'd be happy to post them here (with full credit, of course).

Q. What would it cost to have a carpenter build this for me?

Depends on the carpenter, but at least one person I know of has done this and it cost them $200 total.

Q. Are [german,french,spanish,etc.] translations available?

Not from me for sure, but please use Google's Translator if you need it.

Q. Why did you put this information up for free? Don't you know you could make some money doing this?

See my answer to this on the author page.

Q. What time of year do you get the most feedback?

About a year or two ago I started seeing the trend of increased feedback and questions around the winter holiday season--many people seem to build these as gifts.


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