PLANS: materials list



Here's a materials list with everything you need to follow the plans. I'll explain in more detail later, but the easel I built will hold a 7' tall painting, has a 4' wide shelf and stands about 7 1/2' tall total.


(8) 2x4, 8' pine
(1) 1x2, 8' poplar
(1) 1x2, 2' pine
(1) 1/2" hardwood dowel


approx. 50 3" all-purpose phillips coarse thread screws
(1) 3/8" thumb screw (about 1.5" in length should do)
(4) 3 1/2" door hinges with screws
(4) lockable wheel casters (2 1/2" diameter)
(2) 4" long, 1/2" diameter carriage bolts
(6) 1/2" washers
(2) 1/2" hex lock nuts (nylon insert)
(2) 4" long, 3/8" diameter hex bolts
(2) 3/8" washers
(2) 3/8" wing nuts
(1) 3/8" square nut


smallish crosscut hand saw
backsaw w/ mitre box
dovetail saw (optional)
1/2" wood chisel
phillips screwdriver
adjustable carpenter's square (with bubble level)
tape measure
power drill w/ bit set (up to 1/2")
jigsaw with wood cutting blade
a table or bench to construct on
some clamps

If you need ideas on where to get some of these items, or how to look for them, see my easel resources page. Looking for metric? See the faq.

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