PLANS: main support



Below you'll find the plans to the easel I built, with all the lengths, dimensions, etc. However, as we go along, I'll point out what you need to do to extend this design to suit any size painting.
fig. 1: side angle fig. 2: front angle

Above are pictures of the finished easel and its supporting measured drawing below. I will stick with this format throughout the site. The diagrams are fairly self-explanatory, but let me explain the few possibly confusing things. In figure 4, notice where it says 'chisel for ctr. support'. If you look at the photo above, you may be able to tell that the center support (1x2x7.5) is actually sitting inside of the bottom horizontal brace, so that its face is flush with the brace. Here's a closeup of the front of the bottom brace:


fig. 3: bottom brace with chiseled center support recess

This is essential so that the adjustable shelf, which isn't attached to that center support in any way, lies flush against it. This way, if you have a painting which is narrower than 3 feet, it can simply lay against the center support. Also notice the spacers in Fig. 5. These are narrower than the center support so that the top clamp can easily slide up and down the center support (more later).

fig. 4: front angle (measurements)


fig. 5: side angle (measurements)

All of the lengths of the pieces for this section of the easel are listed in the drawings above. All pieces are screwed together with No. 8 x 3" screws (as listed in the materials list). Make sure you drill pilot holes for each screw before you drive it...something like 3/32 should do it. You might want to experiment on a test piece first.

Notice the joints--I've cut out pieces of the vertical supports to hold the horizontal supports in place. The top two supports are attached on the back half of the vertical supports so that the shelf can slide freely up and down the vertical supports. See the close-up drawing in Fig. 5 or look closely at the joints in the easel pictures.

NOTE: This is the piece you want to modify if you want this easel to hold taller paintings. Essentially all you need to hold a taller painting will be a taller center support. Simply change the 7'6" support to whatever height you want. However, if you think you will go *much* higher, say 10'+, you might want to consider increasing the length of the whole piece by extending the two outside vertical supports as well.

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