Over the years, I've had many requests for links to zipfiles of the plans and even the website. Follow the links below for archives of these things. Please be aware that this material is indeed copyrighted and only free for personal use for the purpose of building yourself an easel (or for a non-profit to build several). Any questions on this issue, see the copyrights page.

I'm sorry to report that I have no choice but to remove the PDF and Word copies of my easel plans from this site. I have recently learned that a number of people have been selling these free plans for a profit. They have taken my PDF, stripped my name, copyright, and links back to this site, and then sell them on eBay as their own original work. Further, some have included this stripped copy into woodworking plan collections. These collections appear to be made up of 1000s of copyrighted plans just like mine. I will always leave my free plans up in their web form, but I can no longer make it so easy for the criminals to steal my work by posting a PDF.








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