All materials on this website, including the design, diagrams, photographs and text are copyrighted, © 1998, 2003 by benjamin grosser.

Terms of Use

I have made this information available free for personal use. By that, I mean that for one individual intending to build themselves an easel for their own use, or for somone intending to build one (or more) easel(s) for a friend/relative (i.e. as a gift), the information is free.

I also extend this free use to non-profits looking to build one or more easels for their organization (i.e. a community art center looking to build several for their art classes).

What is absoultely not permitted under this copyright is the use of these plans for profit, whether it be in selling the plans or in building an easel derived from the plans for profit. Exempt from this is the scenario I describe on the faq page whereby one person downloads the plan and finds a carpenter to build them one.


If you want to know why I'd make this site free when others sell their easel plans, see the author page.



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